"I have been working with CUSP Dental Laboratory for approximately 10 years. During this time, the support offered has been of consistent high quality I can proudly offer my patients. I always appreciate the attention to detail, quality workmanship and great service. I am very pleased to see their continuous process improvement associated with scientific research and publications for which they are affiliated. I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Thomas Salinas, DDS
Rochester, MN

“Teamwork and cooperation, attention to detail, meticulousness and timeliness are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about Cusp Dental Laboratory. Working closely with Kim and Nori has enhanced my prosthodontic outcomes and helped to provide the best and most advanced restorative dental services for my family of patients. Through continued discussion, electronic correspondence and digital photography we are able to achieve precise and esthetic outcomes that provide impeccable results. Cusp Dental Laboratory stands by its work and takes pride in the thorough understanding and assessment of the work to be undertaken and this approach is carried through to the completion of the laboratory phase of treatment. I look forward to many more years of professional cooperation to consistently achieve the highest quality prosthodontic results.”

Elaine Torres-Melendez, DMD, FACP
Yardley, PA

“I have been using Cusp Dental lab for over 15 years now. I started working with them during my prosthodontics residency. I have continued to rely on them for the majority of my lab work as they are the best dental lab I have ever used. Cusp Dental Lab consistently produces crowns that fit well and look beautiful. Their attention to detail and communication have allowed me to create a better experience for my patients and have made my job easier and more predictable. They always complete their cases on time and it has been a pleasure working with Kimiyo and Nori. They understand the value of excellent communication and a strong relationship between the dentist and lab. This lab is unmatched in quality and service.”

-Rebecca Perkins Sheehan, DMD, MMSc
Cambridge, MA

"I discovered Cusp when Kimiyo Sawyer arrived in Boston fifteen years ago. We have been working together since then. From the start, we developed a strong relationship based on providing the best possible dental care to my patients. For restorative dentistry, Cusp's high quality laboratory work is crucial to complete treatments. In the past, I had been frustrated with trying to find a good laboratory partner that would help achieve my dentistry goals. Cusp is that laboratory. Cusp pays attention to detail and always strives toward perfection. Cusp is one of the few laboratories constantly in pursuit of a higher level of work in addition to the creation and maintenance of excellent communication with dentists. Dedicated to the science and art of dentistry, Cusp is one of a very few valuable laboratories that employs the latest technologies, and the most talented technicians."

Dr. Hideo Yamamoto